Welcome! Let’s Exchange Ideas

Tell me about yourself! No, it is not a job interview. I will not bother you asking when is the last time you made a mistake, and wait to listen your answer in the S.T.A.R. (situation, task, action, result) format. I am concerned about how I can help you out in your current situation, or to guide you to reach in your dream spot. You might be wondering, why a stranger would be interested to help me? Because, in this small world, we are all strangers. Remember the best novel you ever read, when you though that you know about a specific character already, but at the end of the book you found a great surprise! Our life is full of illusions and disillusions. Unless, we talk with other, we feel like lost in a crowd of our own imaginary ideas echoing in our head.

Speak Up! Universal Graduate Income is listening. Be brave to tell what is your dream. Even if you fail to shoot for the star, you will land on the moon. Congratulations!

Feel free to contact about your career plans. I hopped a lot and have matured enough at least listen to you unlike others. You will be valued no matter where you come from.

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