College & Career Planning: Every Graduate Deserves a Livable Salary

Universal Graduate Income (UGI) brings the discussion of a balanced choice of university programs without compromising the financial well-being of a family. It focuses on the individual ability to transfer his/her personal interests into a full-filling career. UGI lays out different options for students or early careers to optimize the cost of education and training. UGI emphasizes on kids to prepare early to become top scholarship candidates and avoid student debt, making them assets. As a social responsibility, UGI publishes high-quality web content and well-researched presentations for free.

What UGI Believes in Achieving?

Many people are in a dilemma regarding the financial planning for studies and their career options. In this regard, some people feel lost with the overloaded information and some others struggle to figure out the ways to access opportunities that suit them. UGI stands for you by paying attention to your specific potentialities or problems and guiding you the strategies to achieve the best from your career. Particularly, we-

  • Support to choose financially viable degrees to reduce the debt burden and maximize the return on investment as well as guide to adopt strategies to win scholarships and tuition waivers.
  • Facilitate graduates to secure career success by selecting the correct major.   
  • Customize career options matching personal interests and backgrounds.
  • Promote STEM for national security and intellectual property protection and to create American jobs.
  • Create an equal opportunity for all people regardless of race, color, religion and political bias living in rural areas and low-income suburbs.
  • Support veterans and military family kids living in remote places.
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How UGI is at Your Service & Serving America

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Customized Services

UGI respects the needs of its diverse customer base. UGI serves middle-school to PhD students. From early to mid career professional people are welcome to contact regarding educational and career switch planning with a limited financial burden. While profit is important to keep the site afloat, UGI gives a discount to low-income US families, veterans, and military kids. Click Here for more

Fantastic Mentor

UGI founder Dr. Iftekhar Jaim is a full-time scientist and engineer with years of challenging work experience at NASA, Department of Defense premium labs, and in multiple research groups in different universities. He has several years of experience in management, start-ups, and teaching. He also showed his talent in the field of science and war history at an early age. To know more, Click Here.

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Online Content for Education

UGI believes in the universal access to information to progress the American economy, reduce the income gap, and ensure upward mobility of the under-served community. Part of the profit from the consultation will be used to produce highly researched presentations, videos and articles. In future, UGI will bring experts from all around the USA to give insight into the job market and the academic world. CLICK HERE to get updates.

Behind the Scene: Universal Graduate Income is a spin-off business of philanthropic activity to support a broad audience by providing free content. The goal is to bring the best out of American talents and ease life by supporting with financial planning. Click here to learn how a daytime NASA engineer turned into an educator at night.

About Us

We are UGI, a place of educational excellence.

We equip hardworking people for their chosen field of study and careers with lifelong learning skills.

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